Initial Hookup Instructions

Connect long hose to your water source (faucet).

Position the WET SPOT (main unit) so the arrow on top is pointing the same way as the water will flow (away from the faucet).

Connect other end of a long hose to main unit.

Connect your hose to the other end of the main unit. We suggest using quick disconnect fittings for both sides, it makes it easier and gives less wear and tear on the male hose fitting in the unit. Never tighten or loosen the hose with the tool, this will cause the fitting to turn and void your warranty! Please! Use your hands!

*You should now have the faucet, the long hose, main unit and your hose all hooked together with the water able to flow from the faucet to your hose in the same direction as the arrow on the top of main unit. When you first turn on the water you will notice a reddish color water coming out… This is normal for initial use… Allow this water to run clear before using for washdown (about 3-5 minutes).

Test a sample of your WET SPOT treated water with a test kit in about three weeks-this is a very simple task and should take about 30 seconds. If your water is still soft continue normal use. Test again weekly until your test shows water is “hardening” – this will gauge how often you need to recharge the WET SPOT.

*NOTE: Prior to recharging, make sure you have “water softening rock salt” – Please use crystals not pellets. Crystals are readily available at food stores and home improvement stores… or we offer an attachment that takes the overboard concentrate from your water maker and will recharge your softener!

Note: if you are recharging a heavy duty or supermodel wet spot, you will need to do steps 2-9 TWICE to get the best recharge!

Recharge Instructions

Disconnect the main unit from long hose.
Fill RECHARGER with rock salt and replace cap.
Connect RECHARGER to water source with long hose.
Connect short hose to other end of RECHARGER.

Connect main unit to other end of short hose so that the arrow on top of the RECHARGER and arrow on top of the main unit are facing each other.

* You should now have the faucet, long hose, RECHARGER, short hose and main unit all connected together (in that order) with arrows on top facing each other.

You may use either of these two configurations to obtain the best results: (A) Elevate the end of the WETSPOT, where water is coming out 6″-8″(A soda can works great!), forcing the water to fill the entire tank or

(B) Run the water at a fast pace and and restrict it’s exit using the valve on your Y attachment or sprayer! Where the water is going to exit the main unit should now be elevated or restricted.

Turn the water on at a low G.P.M (approximately 1/2 gallon per minute) so that the water BACKFLOWS through the main unit slowly. This process should take about 15 minutes. Recharging is complete when the RECHARGER is empty of rock salt. If any salt is left in the RECHARGER, just turn the water on full speed  for 1–2 minutes and it should dissolve.

Flush all excess water from the WETSPOT prior to reconnecting your wash down or service hoses!

Reconnect to the original configuration.

Store RECHARGER, rock salt, hose and test kit.

You are now done recharging and your WET SPOT is ready to continue providing you with soft water!

If you have any questions or something here does not seem clear… Please call us at 1-888-4WETSPOT or EMAIL US.

Maintenance Schedule

After first three weeks – Test water (If still soft, continue normal use.)

Each week after – Test water (When test indicates hard water, recharge system. Note how many weeks it has been and recharge accordingly.)

After 6 recharges – use WET SPOT Conditioner