WET SPOT Softwater wash down systems are warranted against failure, and guaranteed to perform in a working capacity for 12 years from the date of purchase. If you return your unit we will either repair or replace it at our option. You will be charged a minimum fee for any repair, and simple repairs are usually done at no charge to the customer. OR, You may opt to trade in your old WET SPOT for a brand new unit. Trade in values are calculated by taking the original price you paid for your WET SPOT unit and subtracting the depreciation, based on the age of your unit. Please see chart below for Trade-In Values and Depreciation Schedule.

*Note: we cannot be responsible for damage by improper storage, (dry), or from chlorine damage caused by heavily chlorinated city water systems, but we will do our best to assist and accommodate you, should the situation arise. Customer is responsible for shipping cost involved in any warranty or trade-in.


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