What is water hardness?

Hardness is caused by compounds of calcium and magnesium, and by a variety of other metals. These minerals are simply picked up as water travels over, under, and through the earth’s surface. Hardness varies due to the environment in which the water travels and therefore changes as the earth’s mineral makeup changes.

How do I find out about my water’s hardness?

Call your local water department or the water department of the area you are traveling to. They will be able to tell you the Grains Per Gallon (gpg) of hardness for their area.

How is water hardness measured?

Soft: 0 – 3.5 grains per gallon (GPG)
Moderate: 3.5 – 7.0 GPG
Hard: 7.0 – 10.5 GPG
Very Hard: over 10.5 GPG